Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Various BASH Installation Scripts

Last week I posted about the CommZone for BASH hackers that I set up. Well late last week I posted a bunch of installation scripts up there, some for Ubuntu and Debian Linux, others are *nix agnostic, and I'll write about them a bit here as well. These are all pretty basic, but they make installing the program that they install a one-liner, as opposed to a several-liner:

PACPL installer Script -

Perl Audio Converter (PACPL) is a gnarly program that boasts that it can convert from everything to everything . . . and it does not boast falsely. This bad mofo does everything, but the program is just a front end for a lot of other programs, all of which need to be installed for this bad mother to work. This installation is a bitch (no seriously it warrents profanity on the Internet, and I used a lot more in real life), as it doesn't do any of the installs automatically aside from the CPAN Perl upgrades. It depends on a myriad of Perl modules, and a whole lot of external applications (LAME, Musepack to name a few), some of which are repository-arized and some of which are not. This script will do everything for you, except that you'll have to fill in the requested CPAN info by yourself . . . if you don't already have CPAN configured on your box (and if you don't than you are obviously not a PERL guru . . . which makes you lame . . . or awesome . . . depending entirely on the circles that you travel in). This script uses aptitude, and so it will require Debian or Ubuntu . . . though I know a guy who installed apt with Redhat (why?). The wiki page in the BASH Hackers CommZone for this script is here:

Ruby 1.8.5 Install Script -

This script is almost specifically for Debian, because alot of cool Ruby scripts require v 1.8.5 or at least 1.8.4 and Debian . . . well, if you're using Debian, you know exactly what I mean. I think Ubuntu is on 1.8.4 in their repository-arized version of Ruby, so if you really need 1.8.5 this'll do it for Ubuntu too. This script is actually *nix agnostic, as it doesn't use apt at all (whereas PACPL uses apt). This thing is simple enough, but it does require make . . . but doesn't install that for you . . . The wiki page in the BASH Hackers CommZone for this script is here:

LAME 3.97 Install Script -

This script is for *nix agnostic, but I did it for Debian. LAME doesn't meet the necissary license standards for the Debian requirements, so it's not in the repos. Grrrr, Ubuntu has it in the multiverse Repos, but it's 3.96 not 3.97 . . . so if you really need 3.97 this'll work. And also running this thing is easier than using yum or RPMs or YAST or any of that crap I used to waste my time with . .. (sorry RPM people, but if ESR finally decided to ditch Redhat because RPMs suck terribly, than I can publically diss RPMs for the personal Hell that Suse/Fedora has put me through, and the hours of my life using yum and Yast that I will NEVER GET BACK!). Anyway, you can find this install script here:

HandBrake 0.7.1 Install Script -

This script is Debian/Ubuntu/Anything with apt specific, as HandBrake has a few uncommon dependancies and they need to be installed first. Call me lazy but I don't like to compile from source when the repository has a copy. So yeah, if you're running an apt-based distro this will work fine. The HandBrake install is notoriously tricky, because it's long and arduous, and it uses jam (an awesome tool like apt, but for source-code not binaries, bascically a developer makes a jam file for a program, which lists dependancies and places where the source is available, and compile options for those programs, and then jam goes and downloads and compiles all the dependancies and then compiles the app itself . . . pretty friggin' sweet huh?). So yeah, this is a hard build for those reasons, and also because the handbrake documentation forgets a step (./configure for jam much?). In any case . . . here's the stuff . . . :


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