Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ZedZone Brings Communities and the Internet Together

This is a bit out of the ordinary for my blog, but this digg post requires me to blog about it. I have to recuse myself a bit here, because this is the company that employs me . . . but the website www.zedzone.com is totally sweet, and anyone who finds themselves reading this should check it out: www.zedzone.com. This is our first press release, and today marks a milestone in ZedZone's development as today it has come out of it's beta phase. So if you love me, visit this website and digg the article to share the sweet goodness of ZedZone with the world.

The website that we have put together is essentially a new idea for the internet born out of a real need for collaborative group tools online, especially in the face of several social networking websites that seem to be focused solely on individuals. The building block of society is the community, wether that be the community at large, or sub-communities comprised of limited sets of individuals. For all of these communities we designed a website around functionality that is specifically designed to enhance communications within and between groups. The site can serve as a communications hub for people within a group to organize, talk, brag, and have fun online, and also as a way for a group to present itself to the world. In doing this we also have created - in my humble opinion - the first website designed to facilitate real world interaction through electronic communication. This of course does not preclude ZedZone.com from being used for solely electronic groups, but merely allows for both electronic and real world groups.

We've put together some really cool stuff to be used in CommZones . . . which is an area for a group. If you don't like the name you can comment on my blog, because I came up with the name, and I think it's pretty sweet. A Commzone has a bunch of awesome stuff: a wiki, a forum, and an album for pictures and files, and there is lots more sweet stuff on the way. But what this allows you to do is create dynamic content for your group, have conversations amungst your group, and store files for your group all on our dollar . . . oh yes . . . it's free . . . did I not mention that before? Well on Mike's dollar - the CEO of ZedZone.com, and one of my favorite people . . . largely because he puts food on my table, and neat gadgets in my hands (see this post).

If the few readers of mine who expect the standard nerd fare are not satisfied, I'll tell you that I mostly handled the architecture of the infrastructure on this bad mother of a website, and this thing runs on the coolest Open Source Software around today. We use Linux Virtual Server, and Apache and MySQL Cluster/Circular Replication, and a whole lot of other stuff that allows us to scale very quickly, very cheaply . . . so I hope that you all enjoy our website, and my infrastructure.

So check it out.

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