Saturday, September 02, 2006


Welcome to the Code and the Fury, the blog of irrefutable code and philosophy god, Matthew Story. I'll try to keep this place updated as much as possible, as I'm sure I'll have plenty of fans and followers eagerly awaiting new articles with each passing day. In case you didn't read the "about" section, in which case you're totally daft, I'll use this first post to give you all a brief idea of what this blog is all about.

My two principle interests are web programming and philosophy. I am currently employed as a web-programmer and network administrator in Chicago. I graduated from the University of Chicago in June of 2006 with a degree in Philosophy. I know what you're thinking . . . biggest nerd ever . . . well yes, you're right.

So for the Code part of this blog, you'll find nifty web-app hacks up here, and also the occasional networking hack or awesome bash script. On the administrative side of things you should probably know that if you're looking for windows help, you won't find it here. I worked for a couple months as an OS X systems administrator, and in my current position I work on Debian GNU-Linux. On my LAN at home I am currently running a combination of Ubuntu Linux and OS X, and I love playing with them. So up here you'll get linux and OS X hacks, and maybe if i get around to installing it again, we'll get to some FreeBSD hacks later on.

For the Philosophy part of this blog I will be writing predominantly about modern continental philosophy, mostly Heidegger, but also Husserl, Camus, Sartre. Every once in a while I might reach back and pull out some german ideology, but we'll see where that goes.

As an added treat, I will occasionally combine the two parts of the blog into some sort of . . . superblog. I'm a big proponant of Open Source Software, and I have quite a bit to say on the subject. Because of this also you're free to use all the code snippets that appear on this site under the rules of the LGPL v 2.1 (offsite).


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